A message from Dr. Brian Hockel…


Our practice started in 1961 as “Jack L. Hockel, DDS.” My name was added in the early ‘90s and it became “Jack L. Hockel DDS and Brian J. Hockel, DDS.” Since 2001 it has been “Brian J. Hockel, DDS,” and now it is “Life Dental & Orthodontics.”

Always on the cutting edge of:

  • prevention,
  • full-mouth rehabilitation,
  • gnathology,
  • and non-extraction, holistic orthodontics,

my dad and I have together shaped a practice that now extends to include:

  • meticulous general dentistry,
  • airway orthodontics,
  • orthotropics facial growth guidance
  • and much more.


Our new name better reflects who we are and what we do.  “Life Dental & Orthodontics” conveys my philosophy of care: aiming to make a difference in dental health, but even more,  enhancing and extending life itself.

Does “making life happier, healthier and longer” sound like an overreach for a dentist?  It really isn’t.  We have seen that our area of the body, the mouth and jaws, profoundly affects our overall health and well-being.  Here’s an example:  The dentist’s area of the body is not just for eating, speaking, and smiling, as often as we do those things.  It’s also for breathing.  Improving how we eat, speak, and smile certainly enhances life overall, but improving the airway enhances life to a whole new level, often including how we sleep.  (There are many other connections between oral health and systemic health.)


We are using the phrase, “Airway-Friendly Smiles” to highlight this difference in the smile we want to give you.  The teeth and jaws have an incredible effect on the health of the airway, and what dentists and orthodontists do can make a serious difference, for better or for worse, in the health of the airway and how we breathe.

This link, between what we do as dentists and orthodontists and the airway form and function, has only recently begun to so deeply inform how many of us practice.  I have been among those clinicians who practice and teach this cutting edge, paradigm-shifting development in the profession, and my goals are to change my patients’ lives for the better and to change the profession for the better.


With this name change, nothing is changing about the nature of the practice.  No, I have no plans to retire.  On the contrary, I am more excited and enthused about what I do now more than ever.  I am having too much fun doing what I do to want to stop.  I’m better at helping people than I ever have been!

Along with the whole team at Life Dental & Orthodontics, I am grateful to be able to continue to serve other dentists and professionals, patients who drive or fly long distances, and our local neighborhood.

— Brian Hockel, DDS

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