Are You Thankful for Dental Care That Makes Your Smile Look and Feel Its Best?

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Autumn is in full swing, and that means the cold weather is fast approaching (if it isn’t already here)! You may be tempted to hunker down with holiday goodies and snacks, but you do not want to ignore your health or even your dental health. Even if you are busy during this season, you might be overindulging in sweet and starchy treats for the next couple of months. It can spell disaster for your teeth and gums if you are not brushing and flossing daily. Besides, who wants to start the new year with cavities or gingivitis?

Now is the perfect time to feel gratitude for your teeth and gums because they work hard for us every single day. Your mouth helps you speak, chew and smile with confidence. While seasonal treats can be enjoyed, it will help if you stay on top of your daily oral hygiene routine. But that is not the only reason your smile is your ally!

Improved General Health

Healthy teeth allow you to get the nutrition your body needs. You can do this by eating fresh, crisp produce, grains, and protein that your body needs. Poor oral health, especially periodontal disease, can also lead to general health issues like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Clear Speech

When teeth are missing – whether from poor oral hygiene or injury – your teeth help you to speak clearly so you can converse with others each day. Unless replaced, missing teeth can harm your smile, affecting your speech and the alignment of your jaw.

Strong Self Esteem

A healthy smile is a beautiful smile, and when you can smile with confidence, the world seems brighter. Conversely, damaged or unsightly teeth can make you feel self-conscious and reluctant to smile. It can affect relationships with loved ones, friends, coworkers and other public interactions.

Better Breath

Healthy teeth and good breath allow you to smile, speak, kiss, and eat with ease and joy. Poor dental hygiene allows bacterial plaque to collect around teeth and under the gum line, leaving your mouth with tooth decay and bad breath. During the holiday season, take the time to brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss once daily, and, if needed, follow up with an antibacterial mouthwash to keep your mouth sparkling and clean.

Save Money

When teeth deteriorate, they can be expensive to fix. Treatment could start with fillings, but further neglect can lead to decay and extraction, possibly requiring more extensive treatment such as a root canal, a crown, or an implant. Especially throughout this holiday season, resolve to keep up your oral hygiene routines and eat well, so you can keep your smile healthy and your wallet more full!

Don’t Skip Routine Dental Cleaning

Your dental cleanings should happen every few months, as recommended by our team of dentists and hygienists.  While brushing and flossing protect your smile every day, they can’t quite remove hardened plaque or tartar. Using a dental instrument, your hygienist removes tartar and polishes your teeth. Another thing your dental team does is take X-rays to spot potential problems while they are still small. It allows them to be treated and fixed while still being economical and less invasive to repair. Preventative care is key to a healthy smile!

We Can Help

When you would like to address problems with your smile, you can count on us to provide you with everything from cosmetic dentistry to fix stained teeth and remove excess gum tissue, to orthodontics to widen your arches. Preventative care may also include dental sealants, mouth guards for sports or night guards for bruxism. With restorative dentistry, we can replace one or more teeth with fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, or implants.  And you can rest assured that everything we recommend for you will be with an eye toward maintaining (or improving!) your airway, since Life Dental & Orthodontics is the home of ”Airway-Friendly Smiles”!

Top-Notch Dental Care

Be sure to use any dental insurance benefits for 2020 before they reset at the beginning of the new year. Remember, if you don’t use it, you lose it! This season, express your gratitude for your smile and how hard it works for you (and for your dentist!). Together, we can make a great team and make sure your smile is healthy and beautiful all year round. Now that’s something to smile about!