The art and science of cosmetic dentistry are not generally known by most dentists. What makes teeth look their best, function their best, and feel their best, is a combination of many factors that can be approached both scientifically and artistically. The cosmetic dentist has to understand your health and function – as well as be proficient at the artistic finer points. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just art to hang on a wall; it’s art to make the life of another human person more beautiful and whole again. The smile is such a window to the soul, and subconscious limitations on its free use actually stifle a person’s self-expression. It’s a wonderful part of what we do in our office to help make a person’s life more complete by enabling more frequent, more confident, healthier, and more beautiful smiles!

Cosmetic dentistry has been falsely understood to consist of covering teeth with porcelain. While porcelain restorations, either veneers which mainly cover the visible part of the front teeth, or crowns which usually cover the whole tooth, do play a major role in our ability to bring life to a smile, they are certainly not always necessary. In our office, we bring to the table a vast synthesis of expertise in orthodontics, orthopedics, orthotropics, conservative resin bonding, ceramic porcelain restorations, implants, and tooth replacements (prosthetic dentistry). The vital dimensions of airway preservation, jaw joint health, and occlusion (the “bite”) are important, “under the hood” considerations of a successful cosmetic plan.

We will take pictures of your smile and talk to you about your objectives and goals. Looking at your smile together, we will discuss what’s possible. There are always options, and helping you to navigate the pros and cons of your choices is where we excel. We recommend that you bring a spouse and/or friend to help and support you with your learning about options.

We will obtain the necessary records, imaging, and examination, and meet with you to discuss the options and plan in detail. When restorations are your choice, the laboratory will create in wax a “blueprint” for our design for your new smile, i.e., our Smile Design. That will then be used to create your provisional restorations, the ones you’ll have while the porcelain ones are being made. That will give you a chance to evaluate: Are they just right? Are they too long, too short? Too light, too dark? Too round, too square? Then we can modify these provisionals to make sure you are happy, and we’ll use photos and casts to communicate to the technician exactly how to make the porcelain restorations. No surprises! This is a process that methodically works to bring you to your new smile.

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