partialsLiving with multiple missing teeth can be a major inconvenience that, in time, makes a significant negative impact on your oral health and overall health. A partial denture can replace those lost teeth, restore your bite, and your confidence.

What is a partial denture?

A partial denture is a prosthetic tooth replacement option. Partial dentures are removable; patients take them out to be cleaned, and typically when they sleep.

A partial denture restores your ability to chew food normally, while also restoring your smile and allowing you to maintain a proper bite alignment. Replacing missing teeth also prevents your remaining teeth from becoming crooked as they attempt to fill the gap in your mouth, as well as the bone loss and jaw problems that can result from living with lost teeth for a prolonged period.

At Life Dental & Orthodontics, we offer our patients two types of partial dentures: metal and metal-free.

Metal Partials

This type of partial has a metal framework, which is covered by an acrylic base. Our dental laboratory will bond prosthetic teeth to the base, and both the teeth and the base will be matched in color to blend in with your smile and remaining natural teeth. Metal clasps on the framework are used to attach around some of your remaining teeth, giving you a secure fit.

Metal-Free Partials

This type of partial is recommended for patients who want a more aesthetic option, or for those who have a metal allergy.

A metal-free partial is made using a special flexible acrylic-like material without any metal clasps, making the partial denture virtually indistinguishable from your existing teeth.

A metal-free partial also has greater flexibility and is lighter weight. It usually fits better than a metal partial and does not irritate your gums like the clasps on a metal partial can.

Dr. Brian J. Hockel and our Life Dental & Orthodontics team are eager to help you replace your missing teeth, restore your smile, and improve your oral health. We welcome you to call us at (925) 934-3434 for more information
about partial dentures in our office in Walnut Creek, California, and schedule your consultation today.

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