There can be many reasons why our dentist may recommend reversal of extraction orthodontics. These include cosmetic issues, functional (bite) reasons, TMJ problems, or airway problems. The process of reopening extraction spaces is technically a much more difficult treatment to perform than typical orthodontics. It’s certainly more difficult than the extraction treatment that initially brought patients to this point.

Below is an example of a patient who has had extraction spaces reopened. Note especially the change in the amount of space the tongue now has available. Retraining the muscles of the mouth, i.e., myofunctional therapy, is more effective when the tongue has adequate space into which it must posture.

While it’s not always a sure thing, it’s often the case that the airway dimensions will improve when the tongue has more room – which is the case when spaces are re-opened. This comparison of the airway before and after re-opening extraction spaces illustrates a favorable change.

Aesthetics of the face can also be a reason to reopen extraction spaces. Note in the pictures below that a patient’s profile can improve from re-opening extraction spaces; the lips have come forward and now have a more aesthetically pleasing outline. Thin lips are often thin simply because the teeth behind them are too far back in the face. This strategy is especially effective in cases where the chin and the nose are more prominent. When the chin is moderately to severely weak, bringing the teeth and lips forward is often not the best approach, so a careful diagnosis is very important. Call Life Dental & Orthodontics today at (925) 934-3434 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brian J. Hockel and learn more about extraction reversal orthodontics in Walnut Creek, California.

If you or a loved one is interested in exploring the possibility of re-opening extraction spaces, Dr. Brian J. Hockel and the whole team at Life Dental & Orthodontics are happy to help! Call us today at (925) 934-3434 to schedule an appointment and learn more about extraction reversal orthodontics at our beautiful office in Walnut Creek, California.

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