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The office of Life Dental & Orthodontics offers several orthodontic treatments.  We take the unique approach of treating you in such a way that your airway remains clear, improving both your smile and your ability to breathe.  We want to treat the root of the problem, not just provide you with appliances.  Our treatments are available to children and adults with sleep apnea problems.

Regular Orthodontics

We treat many kids and adults with conventional braces and other techniques with the goal of “straight teeth.” Even though we believe there’s a cure for bite problems, and we have a very unique approach to orthodontics, we also see the value of a smile that looks its best. Our approach focuses on individual attention, and much more hands-on treatment by the doctor, when necessary. We are not a “braces mill.” We do not mind the parent accompanying the kids during their appointment, should the parent desire. We get to know our patients throughout the course of treatment, and they often become like family by the time they are finished.

Airway Orthodontics – Our Unique Approach  

“Airway Orthodontics” is the title of a section of Dr. Hockel’s lectures to other dentists. It derives from the knowledge that our jaw and teeth positions can and do dramatically affect the shape and function of our airway, and it aims never to allow treatment that could make the airway worse. From studying our own patients, as well as those patients in the published orthodontic literature, we have seen convincing evidence that it’s possible to make an airway smaller by means of moving teeth. Conversely, by applying “reverse mechanics” to what is taught and practiced, we are also convinced that it’s possible to preserve and even enlarge the size of the airway – both by moving teeth and by guiding facial growth (Orthotropics®).

For more information about our unique approach to orthodontics and airway orthodontics in Walnut Creek, California, and to schedule your consultation with our dentists, please contact our office at (925) 934-3434.

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