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Orthotropics® means “facial growth guidance” and is a way to help encourage forward growth of both jaws, and to work toward ideal oral posture (teeth together, lips together, tongue to palate). While some use the word loosely to mean anything that encourages horizontal growth, the classic treatment taught and practiced by John Mew consists of first correcting the upper jaw and teeth, bringing them up and forward to their ideal position in the face. The upper arch is also widened. Then the lower jaw is positioned forward with a postural appliance that has minimal headgear-effect (“pulling back”) on the upper jaw. (This makes Orthotropics® different from “functional” orthodontics.) Over time, with excellent cooperation on the part of the child, the lower jaw becomes permanently positioned forward where it belongs.



Why Orthotropics®?

Four reasons…

      1. A more natural and balanced appearance of the face.

      Without Orthotropics®, this boy’s genetic potential would not otherwise have been reached during normal growth. The face appears more balanced and healthier.

    1. The potential for a better airway, and less risk for sleep apnea.

    When the teeth and jaws are pulled back in the face, the airway is at risk for getting smaller.  When they are brought forward, risk for the airway is lessened.


     Airway Before Orthotropics®®       Airway After Orthotropics®

  1. A larger airway means less risk for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, which means less risk for strokes, cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, hypertension, and a shortened life!!  Proper orthodontics and Orthotropics® can actually help with overall health.
    1. A better and more stable bite.

    If oral posture and function are correct, the teeth stay straighter and the bite function is best.  Pulling the upper front teeth back to meet a lower jaw that is too far back only worsens the problem, and doesn’t address the root problem (oral posture).

    1. A healthier jaw joint.

    When the lower jaw is not allowed to be in a healthy position, jaw joint problems like clicking and pain are more likely. Many treatments for Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD) involve bringing the lower jaw forward.  Orthotropics® is believed by many experts to be “preventive TMJ care.”

    Orthotropics® is guiding the natural growth of the face from a young age to avoid adverse downward and backward growth.  Dr. Brian J. Hockel has been practicing Orthotropics® since 2005.  To learn more about Orthotropics® in Walnut Creek, California, and make your appointment with our dentists, please contact our office at (925) 934-3434.

  1. Dr. Brian Hockel with the two top experts in the world for Orthotropics®, Dr. John Mew and Dr. William Hang. For many informational videos and other Orthotropics® resources, we highly recommend a visit to Dr. Hang’s site,

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