Dental Crowns Can Restore Your Teeth

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Are unsightly, misshapen, decayed, or broken teeth a problem for you or someone you love? Do you cover your mouth when you talk or laugh, self-conscious of the appearance of your teeth? Do not be discouraged! One of the most rewarding services we provide here in our office is transforming smiles to reveal your beautiful, confident self!

Dental crowns are a means of restoring teeth to their proper look and function. They can be shaped to appear like the tooth they restore, and they rest on the tooth like a cap. They can provide you with a strong surface for chewing, and they can protect the tooth from decay or further breakage.

What typically happens at your first dental crown appointment is that Dr. Hockel or Dr. Jardine shapes the tooth to remove any decay and ensure that the crown will have a properly-shaped base on which to be seated. Careful preparation during this stage allows the final crown to be placed so that it fits accurately into your natural “bite.”

The dentist then uses a special material to take impressions of the target tooth and any other teeth that need to match up with the crown. The impressions are used by the dental lab to precisely fit your prepared tooth and that it matches up with the other teeth properly. Then a temporary crown is made and placed on your tooth to protect it and allow you to chew and look natural while your final crown is being made.

Once the crown is fabricated by the lab and ready to be placed, at your second appointment, Dr. Hockel or Dr. Jardine takes the time to try it into your mouth to make sure it fits and looks right. Once that is done, the crown is placed on the tooth and cemented into place. Now the finished crown makes your tooth strong again.

If your teeth are discolored, misshapen, broken or decayed, and if you would like to explore your options to restore them, we can help you here at our office in Walnut Creek, California. Drs. Hockel and Jardine can determine if a dental crown will help or if another treatment is more suitable for your specific situation. Please call us at 925-478-7776 to learn more about what we can do to help you.