Dental Sealants Can Minimize Tooth Decay Damage

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Children’s molars and premolars are often riddled with deep fissures along the biting surfaces in the tooth enamel. These grooves help the teeth with chewing and grinding food; however, these deep areas can also become havens for plaque and food residue. If children don’t brush their teeth every day, these fissures could end up developing dangerous cavities.

To help prevent cavities, Dr. Hockel or Dr. Jardine may recommend placing dental sealants on the biting surfaces of the back teeth. A dental sealant is a layer of durable plastic that covers the biting surface of the molars and premolars.

Liquid resin is painted onto the teeth at the end of a routine dental checkup, then hardened into a durable plastic shell with a special and powerful ultraviolet light. When particles of plaque or food become stuck in the biting surfaces, the dental sealants can effectively block any bacteria from directly reaching the tooth enamel. The durable material of dental sealants is designed to help protect the biting surface areas of the back teeth for a long time.

Even though your children’s teeth have this added protection, it’s important that they understand they still need to brush every area of their teeth, even the areas covered with dental sealants. Because the resin material is so durable, simple tooth brushing won’t wear it away.

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