Making Your Dental Bonding Last

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If your teeth were chipped, were discolored or had gaps that were too
large, you may have had these problems fixed with some dental bonding.
Bonding can restore the function and appearance of teeth in such cases. Of
course, you will need to take good care of your dental bonding to make it
last, and here is how you can accomplish this purpose.

Dental bonding can chip and break more easily than your natural teeth. As
such, chewing on things like ice and hard candy can adversely affect the
bonding and is also unfriendly towards your natural teeth, too! Just take
care to eat hard foods more carefully and suck, rather than chew, on hard
candy and ice. It is also best to avoid using your teeth to open things
like plastic bags or to chew on things like pens. Basically, you can
safeguard your teeth and dental bonding by not biting anything that is not
really intended for your mouth.

Be careful of beverages and food items that can leave stains, such as red
wine, tea and coffee. The risk of staining your dental bonding is usually
highest during the first two days after your bonding appointment; however,
the risk of staining the bonding is ongoing if your teeth are excessively
exposed to these staining beverages and food items.

The best way to prevent any stains from forming on your dental bonding is
to brush and floss your teeth daily and keep your regular schedule of
hygiene visits with our office. In this way you can keep any stains at bay,
as long as you control what you eat and drink.

To learn more about dental bonding and other means of beautifying your
smile, feel free to contact us here at our office in Walnut Creek,
California. Call us at 925-478-7776, and we will do our best to serve you.