Long-Distance Consultations for Orthodontics, Orthotropics, TMD, Airway or Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you live outside of California, it’s possible to do a “Long Distance Consultation.” We offer this service both for patients and other doctors. This is a Zoom or phone call to discuss preliminary treatment options. More definitive recommendations may require additional records and an exam, but we can assess much of your situation by reviewing adequate imaging. Here’s what is needed:

1. Email to us your specific questions or concerns. Also let us know the best phone number, time and day to contact you.

2. Email orthodontic photographs, a gallery view showing four views of the face (lips relaxed closed, smiling, profile and profile smiling) and five views of the teeth (front, left, right, occlusal upper and occlusal lower).  Like this:

Sample Photo Layout

If you must take your own photographs, follow the instructions in this video.

3. Email a panoramic X-ray
4. Email a cephalometric X-ray (lateral head film)
5. Please fill out the necessary forms you can download here.
6. Any previous records, photographs or X-rays showing previous treatment may be helpful. Images of your jaw joint, airway, or CT images would also be beneficial if you have them.

Email your records to admin@lifedentalortho.com, or send them by mail to:
Brian J. Hockel, DDS
2651 Oak Grove Rd.
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

The records and photographs will not be returned, so you should send us copies. However, emailing the necessary information is best.

There is a $450 fee for the Long-Distance Consultation. Please send a check payable to Brian J. Hockel, DDS, or call us to arrange payment by credit card. When payment has been made and records have been received, Dr. Hockel will review your information and contact you. The Long-Distance Consultation will be limited to 30 minutes.

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