Finding Your Ideal Smile with Dental Veneers

As we start the new year, the greatest gift most want to receive is a beautiful smile. Dr. Brian Hockel and Dr. Rebecca Jardine are pleased to provide custom-made dental veneers to create the flawless smile you desire. Dental veneers are a premier cosmetic dentistry service that offers many smile-enhancing benefits, including: - Customizable results: Dental veneers are custom crafted to... read more »

Oral Cancer Screenings Are Provided at Your Dental Checkups

Our dentists, Dr. Brian Hockel, Dr. Rebecca Jardine, and Dr. Kevin Adair, care about you, your smile, your oral health, and your overall health. This is why we provide oral cancer screenings during your checkup. This treatment is preventative, so it's included in your dental checkup. In fact, you might not even know we provide it! It's a quick and... read more »

Are Oral Lesions Dampening Your Smile?

Do you find yourself with mouth sores every once in a while? The oral tissues are just as vulnerable as your teeth to problems, but they usually resolve themselves and disappear within a week or two. But if you are finding yours is lingering, it may be a sign that something more serious is going on. Typically, oral sores crop... read more »

Are You Aware of the Effects of Tobacco on Your Oral Health?

Are you a long-time smoker thinking of giving up the habit? If so, you have good reason to. Not only is nicotine addiction harming your lungs and body, but it is having a severe impact on your oral health as well. Smoking tobacco lowers the blood flow to your gums and lowers your vitamin C absorption. This is a problem... read more »