What Could Actually be the Cause of your Child’s Behavior Issues

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A behavioral problem can be one of the most frustrating issues that parents face. This is especially true when there is no apparent solution for the behavioral issue.

Did you know that the way your child sleeps may be the cause of a behavior problem? In many cases, this sleep issue goes undiagnosed, only allowing the behavior issue to persist.

In many cases, a child with a sleep breathing disorder manifests symptoms commonly seen in cases of ADD or ADHD. These symptoms can include irritability, hyperactivity, aggression, low attention span, and poor performance in school or athletics.

One of the most serious types of sleep breathing disorders is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). A person with sleep apnea experiences a blockage of his or her airway during sleep. These blockages can obstruct or completely block the flow of air when a person sleeps, making the body and brain react as if it were gasping for air such as snoring. These blockages disrupt the sleep cycle, depriving a person of the natural restorative quality to mind and body that occurs during proper sleep. These disruptions can be especially damaging to children, who undergo a significant portion of their physical and mental growth while they sleep.

Perhaps your child is exhibiting the same behavioral problem on a regular basis. Maybe he or she has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD but is not responding to the traditional treatments such as therapy or medication. A sleep study or airway evaluation, as performed by a sleep apnea dentist, should be one of the diagnostic tools you use to determine the cause of the behavioral issue. The office of Brian Hockel, DDS, is experienced in sleep apnea dentistry. Call our office at 925-478-7776 to schedule an initial consultation for your child today.

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